Your website has been superbly designed by TCQC, but now for the technicalities of hosting your site to the Internet, staying on top of bug fixes, plugin updates, content management and more. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my reassured service.

Hosting & Maintenance, Secured

What's included in my reassuring service:

How much does this service cost?

Website hosting

Content management

24/7 advice and guidance

Unexpected website downtime

Plugin & WordPress updates

Website Hosting and Maintenance
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Basically, your website needs your full attention with updating plugins, fixing bug errors, unexpected site downtime and revising your content regularly so it runs smoothly & efficiently and is factually correct to as recent as possible. To sum up, things can get extremely technical and long-winded and most of all time-consuming, so leave all the leg-work to me.

This is essential for your website to go live and run for the world to visit. Without hosting, your website cannot be accessed whatsoever.

Your website and its content needs to be updated and is essential for a great business, especially for your customers or visitors as well as potential new clientele. I will update anything you require from sections of text, adding a new shop item, adding a new page and more.

Your business is your pride and joy, so you’ll always be thinking of ways to improve for your business and website. I’ll be here for advice and guidance with the drop of an email – I’m usually rapid with a response and I’m happy to assist!

Core WordPress features and plugins are required for your website. Outdated plugins could result in errors and bugs occurring as well as inefficiency. Usually updates occur weekly so I’ll be sure to keep your site furbished. 

The worst case scenario of your website ‘going down’ is an unwanted nightmare for any organisation. I monitor my clients’ websites regularly and will be notified if there is an issue either miniscule or severe.

My Website Hosting & Maintenance service only costs £25 a month… which, compared to having one of those hosting platform company sites who charge over-the-top prices for the hosting alone, is a steal I’m sure you’ll agree. This small price may vary depending on how much maintenance is required by yourself every month and on the size of your website, but it takes a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.

Make note that if you decide to host and maintain your website independently then you’ll have to gain knowledge on how to do this yourself. You are more likely to be prone to security risks and unwanted hassle and/or downtime for your website so again, leave it with me.


My above service is optional however I highly recommend it for peace of mind and knowing your website is being maintained properly for your priceless organisation. I have excellent expertise, attention to detail and organisational skills to maintain websites professionally. So basically, it’ll be in excellent [TCQC] hands!

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“An excellent website developer. Tom produced exactly what we needed to a very demanding timeframe, with excellent customer service.”

Roger Higgins

Notre Dame High School, Norfolk, UK